Add Team Members

When you imagine the conversation between the user and the customer on a platform, surely what you are thinking about is how can users receive tickets from customers?

As explained earlier that the rule management function is to manage the distribution of tickets to each user. So, the main thing you need to do after creating a rule channel is to assign users into the rule channel, so that when a customer sends a chat, the ticket will be distributed to the user assigned in the rule channel.

By default, you can assign supervisors and agents to the rule channel, so that when no agent is available, the ticket will be queued to be handled by the agent in the unassigned tab of supervisors.

If the selected team is successfully added or assigned to the rule channel, the team will appear in the list of available teams as shown below

Component Explanation:

After adding new member, click the 'Rule Out of Sync' button to apply the changes. You can see this page for further explanation.

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