New Email Template

Sometimes you need to answer the same type of message from your customer. This feature will simplify it for you by saving your answer on a template and using it anytime you needed. If you want to add a new email template, go to the Customer Service menu > Email Template.

For example, we will explain to you how to create an email template and how to apply it when you will reply to an email message. In the upper right corner, click the '+New Email Template' button. So, you will see a blank page in the new email template form, enter the email template name and email template message, such as the images below

Component Explanation:


Email Template Name

Name of template email you will created

Email Template Messages

Enter a custom message that will appear in the notification emails that are sent. You can insert images or links in the email message.

Click the 'save' button, if the email template success created, you will see a success notification pop-up, and the email template will display on the list of email templates like the images below.

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