Create New Lead

Using lead in 3Dolphins Sales SRM to track potential deals. This feature will be useful for businesses that have products with long sales cycles and on the large scale. It also supports automation integration from your social campaign managers to create leads collection to Sales SRM or you can add leads manually.

To add lead, first, go to the Sales Activity menu. And, select the Lead menu. Then, you will see the lead page. On the right side of the page, select the 'Add Lead' button.

Component Explanation:




This is the name of your lead. (Required)


The owner who owns this lead. The owner usually comes from your sales team. (Required).

To add an owner, type either owner's name in this field. As you type, we’ll display a list of the suggested owner that you can associate with this lead.

Contact Person

Contact Information is important during the lead identification period. The Contact Person is the name of the individual that the lead relates to. (Required)

To add a contact person, type either the contact’s name in this field. As you type, we’ll display a list of suggested contacts that you can associate with this lead.


Is the name of the business that the company the lead is associated with. With company info, you can capture and store information about the businesses you work within one place. (Optional)

When creating a new deal in your pipeline, you will be asked to provide the company info. As you type, we’ll display a list of options that you can choose from.


There's 3 label that you will choose: (Optional)

  1. Hot Lead: People or businesses who have bigger degrees to turn into a deal.

  2. Warm Lead: People or businesses who actively ask or contact your team about their interest in your products.

  3. Cold Lead: People or businesses who do not show interest in your product openly.


The default currency is IDR. The discounts and quantity products to be applied are auto-calculated to arrive at the correct deal value. (Optional)


This is the source from where your lead comes from. It could be from your social media advertising or import through third party.

User Access

The user access is an account user who has permission to view your lead.

After successfully adding lead, you can view the results in the Leads tab. In the lead tab, you can view 20 leads/page. If the name leads are still in the bold it means the lead has not opened yet.

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