Messaging Setting

Here you can change the default messaging for your Live Chat Widget. Admins can use this to make sure messaging matches organizational branding and styles of communication.

Component Explanation:


Quick Reply Flat

By default, quick reply in live chat 3Dolphins is enable. However, if you’d like to disable those quick reply, simply switch this option off.

Trigger Menu After Icon Click

In 3Dolphins live chat, the triggerMenu after icon is turned off by default. If set to OFF, the triggerMenu will be running immediately when opening the live chat page. Meanwhile, if the triggerMenu is set to ON, it will be launched when the live chat icon is clicked.

Enable Reload Quick Reply

By default, Enable Reload Quick reply in 3Dolphins live chat is OFF. If set to OFF, when the customer minimizes the chat window and then reopens it, the quick reply is no longer displayed. Otherwise, if it is set to ON, the quick reply will still appear

Enable Replace Guest Name

This property is used to display 'guest name' in the bubble message. This property is turned off by default.

Enable Attachment

The livechat platform allows you to attach assets to messages, including audio, video, images, and files. Max attachment size is 2MB.

Enable History

Conversation history of all of our livechat login session. In order for the chat history to be recorded and retrievable under the same user, the client must login the livechat with the same name and phone number for every session. There is a configurable limit of how many message bubble is retrievable by client. The setting is at System Setting page under Ticket Configuration section, administrator role is required in order to access that page.

Disable Map Search

This property is used to disable the map search feature for users when using the map location feature.

Number Of Messages

Number of message, in this field you can only enter numbers. ex: 10

Render Form Type

Render form type. You can only input a value of 0 or 1. If you select a value of 0, the form will appear in the chat window directly. As for the value of 1, the form will be directed to the outside of the chat window page.

Max Upload Message

Configure max. upload message.

Uploading Text

A text for uploading.

Menu Trigger Word

It’s a property that automatically trigger a hidden outgoing message as soon as we successfully login. Usually it’s purpose is to trigger a bot to reply us based on our hidden message.

Guest Name

Auto login mechanism, no login form is required. When enabling this feature, the 'Name' value is automatically filled with 'guestName' value. The 'Email' and 'Phone' values are auto-generated.

Cancel Shared Location Message

Messages that will appear when user cancels to share location.

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