By default, messages from customers will automatically be queued if the agent is not available or is not idle. In the live chat designer, you can configure queue text when the incoming message is a queue. The queue section is located at the bottom of the chatbox, and the queue number is updated every 30 seconds. The displayed number is the total number of queues before the agent can handle the user's message. However, switch this option off if you'd like to disable those queue features.

Component Explanation:


Enable Queue

This property is to activate number of queue notifications if the agent isn't available at 3Dolphins Service SRM or the agent is handling another ticket.

Enable Limit Queue

This property is useful for limiting queues for live chat. So, when the live chat queue exceeds the amount indicated in the limit queue field, the user will be unable to log in and will receive a limit queue notification. This property default is OFF.

Enable Queue Timer

This property default is OFF. If you enable this property, a timer will appear, which will be used to calculate how long the ticket has been in the queue.

Enable Input In Queue

You can use this property to decide whether or not the user can submit a message while it is still in the queue.

Queue Text

Text that will be displayed if the enable queue property is active.

Limit Queue Message

Text that will appear if the queue has exceeded the specified limit.

Limit Queue

Sets the maximum number of queues that live chat can handle.


Queue Timer Text

To set the text label that appears next to the queue timer if that property is enabled.

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