Webchat Queue All Channel

By default, customer messages are queued when the Agent is unavailable in the webchat queue. The webchat queue all channel feature in system settings is used to calculate the number of customer message queues.

If you set (Webchat Queue All Channel = False), your webchat queue number will be viewable from each channel. For example, presume you have two live chats, A and B, with 3 and 5 queues. When a new customer message arrives then, the queue number for each live chat is 4 and 6.

If you enable (Webchat Queue All Channel = True), the number of webchat queues will be viewable from across all channels. So, if live chat A has 3 queues and live chat channel B has 5 queues, when an incoming message arrives on one of these channels will be in queue number 9.

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