Create New Telegram Bot Channel

This section describes how to create a new Telegram bot channel by doing the following steps:

Go to the Integration menu and click the Channel Connector menu, then you will see a channel connector page as shown below.

On the channel connector page, click the 'Plus' button in the channel telegram bot. You will see a pop-up channel setting, fill in the fields as needed. Then, click the 'Save' button, as shown below.

Component Explanation:


Bot Name

Your created telegram bot channel name.

Bot Token

The token is obtained when you create a telegram bot.

The telegram bot channel that was successfully added will appear according to the example image below.

Component Explanation:


Channel Name

Name of the telegram bot channel.


Channel ID

Each channel registered in 3Dolphins has a different ID.


Channel Config Button

Click to edit LOB that can access this telegram bot channel.


Delete Button

Allows you to delete telegram bot channels.


Online/Offline Button

Click to turn on or off the channel. Red means offline and Green means online.


Refresh Button

Refresh your channel at any time to ensure you are always up to date with the refresh button.

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