How to Add Messenger Platform to Your Facebook App

Add the Messenger Platform to your Facebook App

Click the 'Product' button.

From the product list page, click on the 'Set Up' button on the 'Webhook' product. The Webhook Platform will be added to your app, and the webhook settings console will be displayed.

Configure the Messenger For Your App

In the 'Webhooks' section of the Messenger settings console, click the 'Add Subscription'. This allows your app to receive webhook events for the Page.

Enter the callback URL you obtained when you initially created the Facebook channel.

Once the callback URL has been added, click the 'Add subscription' button to add a subscription to the webhook field. Select 'messages', 'message_deliveries' and 'messaging_postbacks'. Then, click the 'Save' button.

Messenger subscription addition has been successful.

On the permissions and features page, click 'Request Advanced Access' on pages_messaging.

After that, you only need to wait for the results from Facebook regarding the request you sent.

You can refer to this page to find the difference between standard and advanced access.

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