Ticket History

Chat history allows the supervisors to monitor conversations agent with customers. Only Admin can set how much chat history will be displayed on the 360 customer view page on the system setting.

The feature to set the amount of chat history that will display is 'Number of Ticket History'.

For example, when a customer has a conversation with an agent through a social media platform either 3Dolphins live chat, line, WhatsApp, email, etc., by default the agent’s conversation with the customer will be saved as chat history.

On the Customer Contact menu, click the selected contact. Then, you will see a 360 customer view pop-up, in the right section you can view list history chat on the tab History like images below

To see the agent’s conversation history with customers, you can select and click on the ticket number, then you will see a pop-up window of conversation as shown images below

In the conversation chat above, you can find out by whom the conversation ended. By default, conversations can be ended by the customer, agent, or system

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