Create New Bot

Bots can only do what you program them to do in a specific channel. So, someone can’t sign in as a bot and do things that other members can do in 3Dolphins. Bots can't also be set as trainers or supervisors.

In the upper right corner, click the '+New Bot' button. Then, you will see a pop-up of a new bot, configure your bot user with some basic info (bot name, leaving text, and what bot says (invitation)). Once you've completed these fields, click the 'save' button.

Component Explanation:


Bot Name

Name of Bot you will be created.

Leaving Text

Text from bot after bot or customer ends chat.

What Bot Says (Invitation)

Used to trigger interactions with other bots.

  • Activation command by other bot: Masukkan keyword yang akan digunakan sebagai trigger untuk berinteraksi dengan bot lain.

  • What will bot say to invite other bot: Enter what the bot will say when it successfully interacts with another bot.

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