Merge Contact

When your contact has identical entries (same person with same number or e-mail) saved multiple times in the contacts list, removing all the duplicate entries from the list becomes necessary. Such a process is sometimes also referred to as merging the contacts.

For example, when a customer sends a message from several different channels, it will make the customer's contact stored differently in the contact list. In this feature, 3Dolphins makes it easy for you to be able to merge these contacts into one.

Before merging contacts, make sure that you have access to merge contacts. Because, if the user does not have access to merge contacts, the user will not find the merge contact button on the ticket it handles. This privilege only belongs to the Administrator.

After the contacts are successfully merged, you will see a success notification and the secondary contact will be deleted and cannot be restored. If you want to check merge contacts by clicking on the contact then, the contact will be viewing on 360 customer view pop-up like the image below.

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