Request Template

If you want to create a new template, you need to submit the template first to be reviewed and approved by WhatsApp. On the request template page, you can manage the contents or components of the template, you can also set what WhatsApp account you will use.

On the Template page click the '+ Request Template' button and you will see a Request Template form as shown below.

On the left side of the page is the form where you configure the template, and on the right side is a preview showing what the template you will submit will look like.

Component Explanation:


Template Name

The title of the template. WhatsApp advises businesses to use descriptive names for their templates.

WhatsApp Account

WhatsApp Account that will be used.


Category of the template according to your need. Example: Account update, Payment update, etc.


Language that will be used in the template.


The top part of the template display, which can be text or media, this field is optional. Note: For the text media, you can enter a max of 60 characters.


Content of message template.


You can enter text a maximum of 1024 characters.


The short message below the template message, this field is optional.


You can enter text a maximum of 60 characters.


Additional action button that can be added to the template.

To create a new request template, you can configure the contents of the template message according to your needs, then click the 'Submit' button in the lower right corner of the page, new request template will be successfully saved with the status "Pending", as shown below.

New templates that have been successfully requested will await approval from WhatsApp for two working days maximum.

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