Process Flow Maker

As the "Maker", you are responsible for making requests before changing the process flow. There are several additional steps before the Maker can make changes to the process flow:

  1. The maker must duplicate the selected workflow before making changes and saving it. This workflow will have the label "Draft".

  2. Then, the maker can make changes to draft workflows. Adjust the changes to the intended needs.

  3. The maker submits changes by sending a "Merge Request" to checkers.

To begin making updates, go to the Bot Settings page and select the Process Flow menu. Click the 'List of Workflow' button on the process flow page. You will then see a pop-up of the List of Workflow, where you can make changes.

Component Explanation:


List Tab

Displays the list of created and active process flows.

Merge Request Tab

Displays a list of process flow changes waiting to be approved or rejected by the Checker.

Draft Tab

Displays a list of process flows that are undergoing modification.

View Workflow

To view your workflow. In each tab, this function has a different function, i.e.:

  • List Tab -> View the currently active workflow.

  • Merge Request Tab -> View workflows that are waiting to be approved or rejected by the Checker.

  • Draft Tab -> View the modified workflows.

Delete Workfow

To remove your workflow. Each tab will have a different function, i.e.:

  • List Tab -> Remove activated workflow.

  • Merge Request Tab -> Remove workflows that are waiting to be approved or rejected by the Checker.

  • Draft Tab -> Remove the modified workflows.

To start editing, select the workflow you want to change by clicking the 'View Workflow' button on the List tab.

Then, the system will display the selected workflow. On the top right, click the 'Duplicate' button to start drafting the workflow.

Enter a new name for the draft workflow and click 'Save' to save it.

You will see a success notification and the "Draft" label on the saved workflow.

When your workflow is already in "Draft" mode, the Maker can change the contents by adding, duplicating, or removing workflow nodes.



To duplicate the selected workflow node.


To delete the selected workflow node.

Makers can save all workflow changes by clicking the 'Save' button and the draft will be automatically saved in the Drafts tab. To view drafts, click 'List of Workflow' and select the Drafts tab.

Remember to always save changes before submitting the "Merge Request".

Component Explanation:



Add the description of the requested workflow change.


Add the Checker responsible for reviewing workflow changes.


Select the priority of your workflow changes, i.e.:

  • Low -> There are slight changes or adjustments to the existing workflow.

  • Medium -> Workflow changes between minor and major.

  • High -> There are lots of adjustments to existing workflows.

Node workflow

It displays all changes in the content's workflow.

  • Added -> Additional new workflow node.

  • Edit -> Show modifications contents of the workflow nodes.

  • Delete -> Removal from workflow node.

Merge Request

Button to submit merge request.


Button to return to draft workflow.

Your changes will disappear from the Drafts tab, and the "Draft" status will become "Merge Request".

There are circumstances when you must update your draft due to approved workflow changes. Click the 'View' button to update your draft with the latest workflow instantly.

You cannot submit a merge request before updating the process flow. The updates available pop-up will appear when you submit without updating the workflow, as shown below.

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