Net Promotor Score

When a user closed a conversation with the customer, a system will automatically send feedback survey questions to customers to ask and know how customer’s rate Agent, how customers felt about agents’ professionalism, responsiveness, helpfulness, etc.

If customers send feedback questions using the NPS survey, you can view the NPS feedback report by going to the Analytic menu and clicking the Live Agent menu, then click Net Promotor Score which you can find on the left sidebar.

The bar chart above depicts the average score gained from your customers' NPS surveys. The average NPS with a value of 'Detractor' is shown in red, indicating that your customer chose gives score range of 1-6. While, the yellow tint represents the average NPS score, which is 'passive,' meaning your customer gives a score between 7-8. And, the green color shows the average NPS value of 'Promotor' where the customer gives a score range of 9-10.

You can also see the details of the NPS feedback that has been given by customers on each ticket by selecting the ticket.

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