Add On-Site Visit

Sometimes when the sales team is working on a deal, they may be asked to meet in person to go through the details deal or to promote their services and products. It will be easier to add the meeting place when you use the on-site visit feature.

First, go to the Sales Activity page and click the Deal menu. Then select a deal, and you will see a deal detail page. At the bottom of the deal details page there is a Timeline tab, click the 'Onsite Visit' button on the right side of the tab as shown below.

Then, a pop-up new onsite visit will appear. Enter the destination address in the address field then, click the 'search' button. Adjust the address in the map or you can also view the address details by pinpointing the destination. After finish, click the 'Add Visit' button.

The visit that has been successfully added will be entered on the Timeline tab. To see the details location, on the timeline page, click the destination address, which will lead you to the Google Maps page.

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