How to Connect Client to Live Chat Channel

Ensure your live chat has the latest version. You can contact Support InMotion for further information.

Firstly, turn on the channel, and wait for around 10-15 seconds to let the channel completely startup.

Properties explanation:


As host for live chat channel setting connection. The URL can be copied and pasted from here.

Client ID

Refer to Channel Key can be copied and pasted from here whenever needed for reference.

Client Secret

Refer to Channel Secret can be copied and pasted from here whenever needed for reference.

Now let’s test the configuration if it can connect successfully to the channel. Open the index-debug-standard.html file in the browser (in this example we use Chrome). It should come out something like this.

There is an icon in the bottom right corner. Before we click on that, please open Developer Tools from your respective browser and navigate to the Network section. In Chrome it should appear something like this.

Now click the icon. There should appear network activities for requesting access token from the channel. Click on the activity and see what the response code is. If the status code is 200 then the connection should be successful. Otherwise, please double-check the setup and ensure the channel has been activated.

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