Yahoo Settings

After you add another type of email channel using Yahoo, please configure your Yahoo account settings.

Sign in to your Yahoo account by visiting the page. Then, click the 'Login' button.

Enter your yahoo account email address, username, or phone number. Then, click the 'Berikutnya' button.

Enter your account password and click the 'Berikutnya' button.

Then, you are redirected back to the main Yahoo page. Click the 'Info Akun' or 'Pengaturan' button on your profile icon to enter the Yahoo settings page.

You will see the settings page and click the Pengaturan Akun menu. Then scroll down to the Kata Sandi Aplikasi section and click on the 'Hasilkan kata sandi aplikasi' button.

You will see a pop-up application password explanation, then click the 'Mulai' button.

Enter your app password name and click the 'Buat kata sandi' button.

You could save the app password that Yahoo has provided upon viewing it. Then, click the 'Selesai' button.

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