Send Form

Sometimes, you might need to send form attachments to customer chat, maybe it’s because you need additional information about the customer. For example, if a customer is about to register on your application, you may need additional information about that customer. So, you can request additional information via the attached form. For more information about form, you can refer to this document. In conversation chat, click the 'attachment' button and select 'Send Form'. Then, you will see a pop-up to find form.

For example, select form and click the 'attach' button to send form to the customer's chat. Then, if the attached form is successful, form will appear in the conversation chat as shown images below.

Agent pageCustomer page

The form that is filled out by the customer, will automatically be entered into the customer case list on tab activity as shown below.

And, the form will also be entered in the Tasks tab on the form management. In this tab, Agents can ‘approve‘ or ‘reject‘ forms as shown below.

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