Add Product on Deal

Sales SRM gives you the option to associate your deals with the product or service that you sell. Each product has a product stock that you can enable or disable.

When the purchased quantity is enabled, it will reduce the product stock when you add a product to the deal and you cannot add products that exceed of available product stock. However, when the purchased quantity is disabled, the product stock will not decrease when you add the product to the deal and you can add products to the deal without limit.

In your 3Dolphins sales SRM account, navigate to Sales Activity > Deal, and click the name of your deal. To add a product specifically for this deal, at the bottom of the deal detail page click the 'Add Product' button. In the window that appears, enter the product name that you want to link your deal to.

To attach more than one product to the chosen deal at a time you can enter the product name on the add product field, or if you want to add the same product to the deal, you can simply add the product quantity to the added product list. When finished, click on the 'Add' button.

After you add your products to the deal, you will see a list of products on the product tab. In this section, you can update a discount on your product, update the quantity of product and decrease or remove product on the deal.

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