Create New Live Chat Channel

This section describes how to add a live chat channel by doing the following steps:

Go to the Integration menu and click the Channel Connector menu, then you will see a channel connector page such as image below.

On the channel connector page, click the 'Plus' button in the channel live chat and you will see a pop-up channel setting. Only the 'Channel Name' and 'Timeout' fields are required when creating a new live chat channel.

Component Explanation:


Channel Name

Your live chat channel name. (Required)


The duration of how long a client is allowed to be inactive before getting disconnected automatically from the live chat channel. (Required) Fill the field with integer only, and the value is in second (example: If we allow our clients to be inactive for 1 hour, then fill the field with 3600 value).

Allow Origin

Specify which origin(s) are allowed to connect to the channel, leave it empty if we want it able to be connected from all origin. (Optional) (Example: if we want it only able to be connected from, fill the field with '').

Google Captcha Secret Key

Only fill this field if we want to validate client login with Google Recaptcha, leave it empty if we want to skip the validation. (Optional)

Next, click the 'Save' button. If the channel is successfully created, it will appear in the live chat channel list.

Component Explanation:



Channel Name

Tricks: hover on top of the channel name to view the channel port.


Channel ID

Each channel registered in Omni Channel 3Dolphins has a different ID.


Channel Key & Secret View Button

Click to view channel id and channel secret which is used as connection credentials on the client-side (will get into detail in this page).


Channel Config Button

Click to edit the channel's configuration. Here are some possible configurations:

  • LOB: Click to edit LOB can access this live chat channel.

  • Channel URL: To edit the webhook channel URL.

  • Allow Origin: To specify the origin(s) that could connect to the channel.

  • Firebase Key: To send websocket events via firebase.


Channel URL Copy Button

Click to copy the channel URL to the clipboard.


Delete Button

Click to delete this channel.


Online and Offline Button

Click to turn on or off the channel. Red means offline, Green means online.


Refresh Button

Refresh your channel at any time to ensure you are always up to date with the refresh button.

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