Result of Create New Line Account Channel

After adding the channel line, you must add 'Port' to the channel URL that has been added. To find the channel port, hover over the channel name, then enter the port on the 'Channel edit URL' button.

After that, return to your line business developer page. In the Messanger API channel, select the Messanger API tab and then enter the channel URL that port has been added in the Webhook Settings field.

Then you can set response settings for your channel line. To activate the 3Dolphins bot on the Messenger API channel line by setting the "Auto-reply messages" field, click edit, and tick 'Enabled' for the webhook.

After that, enable the channel line account by toggling the channel line account that has been added to be online.

Make a conversation on the bot channel you prepared earlier in the line app.

Then, your ticket will go to the agent's Inbox tab.

Don't forget to change your agent status to "Available" so tickets will enter the agent's Inbox.

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