Create New Agent Automation

You can add an automation module by clicking the '+' button on the top right corner of the page. Then, you can configure triggers, filters, and actions in Agent automation, simply by changing to the required properties from the drop-down menu.

Component Explanation:


Automation Name

Contains the name of the automation modules.

Active or Inactive

You might turn an automation module on or off whenever you choose.


Agent automation will only work on the agent that was modified after the trigger was configured.


There are two areas in the filter section where you can specify whether Agents fulfill the trigger criteria. You can set conditions where ALL conditions must match (logic AND). You have the option of adding as many filters as you want.


Structure the actions to be taken when the trigger conditions are met after you've defined them. You also have the option of adding as many actions as you want.

Delete Automation

Click this button to delete automation modules. This is not reversible.

Duplicate Automation

You may create new automation from existing automation modules by clicking on the ‘Duplicate Automation’ Button. All of the settings get carried over to the new automation. To rename the automation modules, you can edit and saved them so that it has a unique name.

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