Widget Settings

Widget settings will help you to manage processes that will run on the backend of your live chat.

Component Explanation:


Compatibility Mode

Used to manage token storage, access token, and accountId in the network header url. This property default is OFF, which is these variables cannot be seen in the network header url.

Always Upload UID

Using this property will make the UID always changes during the UID generation process. This property's default is OFF, which means the UID will not always change and will only change if the UID condition is null or empty.

Light Slider Settings

Adjust the settings on the display light slider with this property. The default light sliders are as follows:

  • item : 2

  • autoWidth : True

  • loop: False

  • responsive: []

Enable Force Logout

Default Enable Force Logout on 3Dolphins live chat is OFF. If this property is activated, every expired live chat session will be automatically logged out from the chat window.

Remove Guest Name On Logout

To set guestName property when chat session ends or user logout of live chat. If it is ON, the guestName property will be set to undefined but, otherwise, when it's OFF the guestName property will not change and remain as previously set. The default of this feature is OFF.

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