Task Report

Task reports can be used to view all of the tasks in your project and their agents' involvement. The supervisor may use this as one metric to evaluate how active agents perform their responsibilities. To view the report, go to the Analytic menu and click the Employee menus, then click Task Report which you can find on the left sidebar.

Component Explanation:



Agent's name.

Number of Task

Total tasks owned to the agent.

On Going

Total current task load by the agent.


Total tasks that the agent has accomplished.


Total pending tasks owned by the agent.


Action 'detail' button to view the detailed report of the agent's task report.

In Addition, Supervisors can also view detailed tasks from specific agents by clicking the 'Detail' action, as shown below.

Component Explanation:


Task Name

Agent's task name.

Created By

Indicates task creator's name.

Due Date

Indicates time estimated to finish this task.

Created Date

Indicates when task created.

Started Date

Indicates when the agent began working on the task.

Done date

Indicates when the agent has completed the task.

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