Add Classifier

By default, the classifier consists of content and labels that you can Input Manually or through File Uploads. You can add tagging to the module that has been created by selecting the classifier module and clicking the 'Edit Classifier' button. Then, you will see a table classifier page (corpus material editor), such images below.

Add Manual Classifier

In 3Dolphins, you can add manual classifier by entering Content and Label classifier by clicking the 'Plus' button on the left word of corpus material editor. Then you can edit the classifier by clicking on the content or label, this label which will appear as a tag. Or, you can delete the content and labels that have been added to the classifier, by clicking the 'Minus' button in the left corner of the content.

The added classifier will appear in the category section on the user's dashboard page.

Use File Upload

In addition to being able to add classifiers by manually entering classifiers, you can also add classifiers automatically by uploading files of type .xls or .csv. For example, when you already have a classifier stored in one excel file, you can use the Upload File feature to add a classifier, so you don’t need to retype content and labels.

In the upper left corner, click the '+Choose' button. You will see a pop-up to find .xls or .csv file in local, select file, and click the 'Open' button. After choosing the file, click the 'Upload' to save the classifier. Then, you can see the file classifier uploaded as shown below.

Classifiers that have been added or uploaded will automatically be displayed in the category section on the user’s dashboard.

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