Intention and Entity

Enter dialog conversation flow that defines responses to the defined Intention and Entities. An intention represents the purpose of a user’s input. You define an intent for each type of user request. An entity represents a term or object that is relevant to your intents and that provides a specific context for an intent.

Type the word that you wanna used to be your intention and entity (able more than one). Then, Select the word that will be used as the intention or entity (if you want defined intention you can type on the entity field as intention). And you can delete and edit the intention & entity that has been created.

For example, you want to add a dialog about 'find nearby station'. You may add several questions like 'station near Bekasi', 'where is nearby station', and 'which station is close to Juanda', add many possible questions to this situation. Station, nearby station is Intention, and Bekasi, Juanda is Entity name location.

Besides adding the intention and entity one by one, you may add several entities at once in one sentence. This is also known as Multi-Entity. For example, the nearby station from Juanda at 5 pm. The nearby station is an intention, Juanda is entity name location, and is entity name time.

After you have finished defining the intention and entity dialog, click the next button to proceed to stage 2 Prompt Response by clicking the 'Next' button.

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