Add New Rule

When discussing rule management, this will always relate to adding channels rule. Then, when do you need to add channel rules? After adding new channels on the integration page or adding a channel or group into the LOB, so you also need to add new channel rules in the Customer Service menu > Rule Management.

Component Explanation:


Rule Name

Name of rule channel that will be created.


Group of rule channel that will be created (this field will automatically fill in accordance with the role user group.

For example case, your user is set in the group 'product' then if you create a new rule, the group will automatically set 'product'. But, if you log in as an administrator you can freely set rule group in accordance with list group on the group page).

Max Assignment

To set the number of ongoing tickets to the rule channel that will be created.

If a new channel rule is added successfully, the channel rule will appear in the distribution rules list.

The rule you have created will be active once you click the 'Rule Out of Sync' button. For further explanation, you can see this page.

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