Create New Contact

To create new contact manually, in the upper right corner, you can click the '+New Contact' button. Then, you will see a blank form to add a new contact. Enter the information required like first name, last name, phone number, email, etc. Click the 'save' button as shown images below.

Component Explanation:

Field NameDescription

VA Engagement

Virtual Assistant Engagement displays number of times a user interacting with bot based on the knowledge module.


To view activity of the ticket (which include Unassigned, transferred until the ticket is closed).

Additional Information

You can add additional information about customers. You can add additional fields in the System Settings > Contact Configuration > Data Setting.

Personal Data

1. First Name : First name of the Customer. 2. Last Name : Last name of the Customer. 3. Phone : Phone Number of the Customer (must be filled with 10-13 digits). 4. Email : Email address of the Customer (must be email-formatted e.g 5. VIP : To mark a contact as VIP. If marked as VIP, new tickets from that contact will be automatically marked as priority and will skip the queue if any.

Other Information

1. ID Number: Enter Id Number. 2. ID Type: Select option for ID type. 3. Birthdate: Date of birth of the customer. 4. Mother’s Name: Mother’s name of the customer. 5. Address: To specify the customer's address. 6. Gender: Select your customer's gender. 7. Language: Select language. 8. City: To specify the customer's city. 9. Country: To specify your customer's country. 10. Postal Code: To specify your customer's postal code.

After you have finished entering all information of customer, click the 'save' button or you can exit or cancel the process of adding a new contact by clicking the 'closed' button on the pop-up form.

For example, click the 'save' button. Then, if a new contact is successfully created, you will see a notification of success, and the contact will appear in the customer’s contact list. But, if customers have the same email or phone number, you will see a suggestion merge contact as shown images below.

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