Mechanism for using BOT in Facebook Messenger

Open the Web Browser on the computer. For the use of web browser, it is better to use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Then, Go to

Login account Facebook. After the Facebook page appears, on the left menu Facebook page, click ‘Messenger’.

On the messenger page, search your business Facebook, example search ‘Sri.AI’.

To be able to interact with Bot or agent in Facebook messenger, click the 'Get Started' button.

If you will interact with the agent, enter 'Sambungkan ke cs'.

Successfully connected with the bot.

The carousel button or slider allows images, videos, or almost any type of content to be applied to this carousel. The mechanism for using the carousel button is as follows:

Customers can access the carousel by navigating the arrow keys. To create a scrollable carousel, include up to 10 generic templates.

Image in Carousel

The aspect ratio used to render images specified by element.image_url. It must be horizontal (1.91:1) or square (1:1). Defaults to horizontal.

Wording Title In Carousel

The title to display in the template. 80 characters limit.

Subtitle In Carousel

The subtitle to display in the template. 80 characters limit.

Action Button in Carousel

A maximum of 3 buttons per element is supported.

Quick Reply

A maximum of 13 quick replies is supported.

  • Size Image Icon: Image should be a minimum of 24px x 24px.

  • Title Quick Reply: 20-character limit.

  • Payload: 1000 character limit.


Image format : (.jpg), (.jpeg), and (.png)


Videos format : .MP4


Audio format : (.mp3) and (.wav)

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