Agent Rating Survey

Agent rating survey consists of a two-part questionnaire. The first part asks your customers to rate through the rating question of your business, product, or service of your customer support on a star of 1 to 5. The second is an additional question as to why the specific rating was given.

To add an agent ranking survey, in the upper right corner click the ‘+New Feedback Question’ button. You will see a pop-up form to add feedback questions, on the left side of the form you can add the required field, and on the right side of the form, you can preview the survey questions that were added. When done, you can click the ‘save’ button.

Component Explanation:

Then, you will see a pop-up form to add an additional question, enter the question, select the type of your question, and enter the option to answer your question. Click the ‘Add Question’ button.

Component Explanation:

If you're done, click the ‘save’ button, if the addition feedback question is successful, you will see a pop-up of success, and the feedback question will appear on the list of feedback template.

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