Dual Control

Dual control is a feature that allows other users with the same privileges to control any changes that occur in user management, reducing the risk of fraud or misuse of user access. This feature is optional, depending on your company's needs.

The dual control feature can be used on the User Management menu in the User and Blocked tab. This privilege is only owned by users who have access to user management. Used when a user requests to change, add, delete, or unblock another user, the request is sent to the dual control tab.

Always remember that user change requests will be sent to another user with the same privileges' dual control tab.

For example, 'Nisya Yunita' wants to update information on 'Sinangling Esthi'. After 'Nisya Yunita' edits information on 'Sinangling Esthi', The request for permission change will move to another user's dual control tab, such as 'Zulfa Fahimah' as shown in the image below.

Component Explanation:




View Detail

To see changes that occur before and after the user is changed.


To approve changes that occur to the user.


To reject changes that occur to the user.

Suppose that 'Zulfa Fahimah' approves changes made by 'Nisya Yunita' to 'Sinangling Esthi', then the changes information 'Sinangling Esthi' can be seen on the User tab.

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