Create New Public Post

Informative and consistent content is essential for your business. 3Dolphins Marketing SRM allows you to manage the content that will be present on your social media.

To start making a public post, go to the 'Marketing' page, then click the 'Public Post' menu. On the public post page, select the '+ New Post' button, and then new public post page will appear as shown below.

On the left side of the page is a form for creating a public post while on the right side is used to show a preview of the filled left-side fields.

Component Explanation:



Name the public post that you will be created. (Example: Product Promotion).


To pick a social media platform. Currently, is available for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Tweet or Caption

Content for your public post.

Files to Upload

Used to attach files for your public post. Available for text, images, or videos.

Note: Upload file provisions will be explained in the upload file section.


Time setting for sending the public post.

Date & Time

Predetermined setting date and time for sending the public posts.

Note: This option only appears when using the 'set schedule' post.

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