Add Operators Target (Independent Target)

Independent targets allow Supervisors to make several targets each month to one agent based on the selected channel. For example, you can add a target for Agent A by specifying how many tickets Agent A has to achieve or handle during the specified target time.

On the target operator page, you can select or search for an operator using the search feature. Enter the keyword ‘operator name’ in the search field and hit enter.

Select and click the intended operator, then you will see a pop-up window to add the target. For example, select the 'InMotion Developers' channel and add a target in March by entering the total target ticket and how long (in minutes) the target will be achieved and then click 'Edit Target'.

Component Explanation:

Field Name


Ticket Target

Type the total target to be achieved.

Time Target

Type in how long (in minutes) the target will be achieved.

You will see a notification success add target and your target will appear on the list target of selected operators.

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