Change Appraisal Report

Sometimes, you might need to change the appraisal report that has been added. Maybe it’s because you need to update the score, additional score reduction, add a remark, or other problems. To edit appraisal, go to Quality Assurance > Performance Rating menu and select Ratings tab. In this tab, tickets that are appraised by the evaluator (quality assurance) cannot be updated by the quality assurance who is not the evaluator of those tickets.

In the lower section of appraisal, you can find the comments feature. This feature allows you to discuss the appraise that has been added. Sometimes, you might need to discuss with other quality assurance or managers before you can edit an appraisal. Maybe it’s because the score is typed incorrectly or other problem.

Currently, this feature is only one-way, which means that when the first quality assurance comments on the appraisal, there are no notifications to other quality assurance members or to the quality assurance manager. However, other quality assurance members and quality assurance managers can still comment when they open the appraisal.

If you are finished click the ‘save’ button, then you will be prompted to confirm submit appraisal request, click ‘Yes’ to proceed or you can click ‘No’ to return to the performance rating page.

If updating the appraisal is successful, you will see a notification of success and the total score will be updated automatically according to the score on the criteria.

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