Schedule, Post, and Draft

When all fields have been filled in, you can select the button on the top right for 'Set schedule' or 'Post Now' (depending on your post type).

If you want to send the public post directly, select the Post Now option in the post field, and click the 'Post Now' button placed on the right-top of the page, and the public post will be sent immediately as shown below and the status "Sending" will be changed to "Sent".

If you want to set on schedule at a particular time when sending your public posts, select the Set Schedule option in the post field then specify the Date and Time, and click the 'Set Schedule' button on the right-top of the page. The public post will be created immediately and the status will be "Scheduled" as shown in the images below.

If you are not sure about submitting your post, you can select the 'Save as Draft' button.

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