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Contact Configuration

Contact Configuration is used to determine the configuration of customers' contact.
Contact Configuration
Influencer Rate
This feature allows you to help analyze and categorize your Twitter account as an influencer according to the number of followers. So, when you receive a ticket from a twitter account via Twitter mention, you can see the influencer tag in the form of 360 customer view. Influencer tags consist of 4 categories namely, nano influencers, micro influencers, macro influencers, and mega influencers.
For example, if you set macro influencers with a range of 301-500 followers. then, when you get a message via twitter mention from Twitter customers who have followers of 350 people, in the pop-up window 360 customer view, the system will automatically categorize the customer as a customer in the macro influencer category, as shown images below.
Influencer Rate
Data Setting
This feature allow you to add custom field on the 360 customer view.
Custom Field from Data Setting
Customer Identification URL
This feature allow you to add customer identification URL from process flow. When you add this URL, you will find a customer identify field on the ticket activity. But, if the customer identify URL is empty, you can’t find a customer identify field on the ticket activity.
Customer Identify