Live Chat Capabilities

Besides being able to process various kinds of messages as mentioned above (file, location, quick reply, carousel, agent rating, and form message), there are some other useful features:

Agent Typing Indicator

An animation in the chatbox that indicates the agent is typing something.

Message Delivered and Read Indicator

Tick(s) that appear on the top right corner of the outgoing bubble message.



Single tick

A single tick indicates that the message is delivered.


Double tick

Double ticks indicate the message has been received by the agent.

Chat History

Conversation history of all of our live chat login sessions. For the chat history to be recorded and retrievable under the same user, the client must log in to the live chat with the same name and phone number for every session.

The number of message bubbles that the client can retrieve is configurable. The setting is on the System Settings page under the Ticket Configuration section. Only the Administrator role is required to access that page.

Chat Queuing

The number of queues that have to be served by an operator. The queue section is at the bottom of the chatbox, and the number of queues is updated every 30 seconds.


A feature that reads incoming messages and converts them into sound. You may turn off or turn on this feature. The images below will show you when the feature is ON.

The image below will show you when the feature is OFF.


A feature that will convert your sound into incoming messages. If you want to activate this feature, click the 'Microphone' button.

Then, the button will turn green. And make sure your device microphone is active.

Channel Reconnecting

Whenever there is a disconnection between client and channel (usually due to bad signal), our live chat widget will attempt to reconnect. After five unsuccessful attempts, we will automatically be logged out.

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