Process Flow Checker

Ensure any changes made to the workflow are essential to the Checkers. This aims to avoid potential problems that may arise after changes are approved. Go to Bot Settings and select the Process Flow menu. Then, click the 'List of Workflow' button and open the Merge Request tab. In this tab, you will see all requests that need to be reviewed, then click 'View Workflow' to start reviewing change requests.

You will see a pop-up review merge request. This page will show all merge requests for the workflow made by Makers. Checkers can review multiple changes and choose which ones to approve first.

We will explain the components of the pop-up review merge request as follows.

Component Explanation:


Workflow Name

Your workflow name.


Indicates the maker who is responsible for making changes.


It shows the description of the requested workflow change.


It shows the priority of workflow changes requested by the maker.

Node Workflow

It displays all changes in the content's workflow.

  • Added -> Additional new workflow node.

  • Edit -> Show modifications contents of the workflow nodes.

  • Delete -> Removal from workflow node.


Button to approve workflow changes. Note:

If several merge requests are from different editors, Checkers can only approve one request at a time.


Button to reject workflow changes.

If the Checker has approved the request, the workflow will automatically change. You will also see a notification when it successfully changes, as shown below.

A pop-up from version history will appear. This pop-up will display all approved changes. Click the 'Rollback' button to roll back the workflow before the changes were applied, as shown below.

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