When you are assigned to register several or even many users, it will take quite a long time if you register and input one user at a time. This feature allows by makes it easy for you to add multiple users at one time using file uploads.

First, you need to download the template file in the upper right corner. This template that you will use to enter user account information to upload in the 3Dolphins application.

Open the downloaded user template file. Then, enter the information required like identity number, email, first name, nick name, etc.

Please enter ‘Language’, ‘Role’, ‘Group’ and ‘Privileges’ according to the writing in the 3Dolphins application (e.g. If in the 3Dolphins apps the Group is written in capital letters, then you also need to enter the name of the group in template file using capital letters).

If the file is already, click the 'Choose' button to upload the file, and 3Dolphins will redirect you to find the file in the local. Select the file and click the 'open' button.

Wait for the user data upload process to succeed.

If the user data upload is successful, you will see a success notification pop-up as shown below.

After file upload success, you should view the upload user's results screen on the user list page. Type the username in the search field and press the ‘Enter‘ button, then you will see the name of the suggestion. Select the suggestion name and the user will display as shown below.

However, if user data upload fails, you will see an error notification pop-up as shown below.

The error message appears because there is a case sensitivity in the language, Role, Group, and Privilege field. It could be the input data is wrong or empty. if the email already exists can be another reason.

Or, the invalid type document that you upload.

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